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blocked drains plumberIt happens in houses across Toronto and around the world. When your drains have a bad odor, there’s typically a simply reason: your drain might be partially blocked or there may be rotting gunk lodged in it. But is it a job for a blocked drains plumber?  

Every day when we brush teeth, wash hair, clean the dishes and laundry, all kinds of fats, oils, grease, hair, skin cells, and cleaning products are flushed down the drains. Sometimes, it doesn’t move all the way through for whatever reason. Sometimes, it becomes stuck in bend, and over time, you will notice the symptoms. Signs of blocked drains include bad odors and slow drainage. 

Many times, it is quite easy to clear blocked drains and get rid of the smell. Bear in mind, it is a messy job, so be sure to don old clothes, rubber gloves and eye protection. We suggestion that you don’t use any harsh chemicals, but you’re still dealing with bacteria, so the safety precautions will keep you from direct contact with liquids and gases.

You can use a drain snake or coat hanger to dislodge a blocked drain between the fixture and the wall. However, if the drain is completely blocked, you will have to rely on the professionals.

Oh Rainy Days – Roots in Drains Too…

Did you know You can get a camera inspection. Call today and book your camera inspection with Hoerner Heating & Plumbing.

Do you think you have tree roots?  Are you having problems with slow drains throughout your home?  Do you have a main drain or floor drain blockage?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, Call Now!!  

We will come to your home to perform a camera inspection!

Hoerner: Blocked Drains Plumber

Camera Inspection with Tree RootsHoerner Heating & Plumbing Services Inc. has a team of blocked drains plumbers to assist with drain unclog services for blocked pipe drains.  Our services include drain snaking, full drain system inspection, plumbing camera inspections, and tree root removal.

We're not just Toronto drain experts. We also service backed-up sewers.

Introducing the Magical Blocked Drains Plumber: Bio-Clean

Putting harsh chemicals down the drain when it's not necessary may not only damage drains but it also adds to the pollution in our water systems. 

Here at Hoerner Heating & Plumbing we try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. This is why we recommend using Bio-Clean as a preventative measure against clogged drains. 

We offer environmentally-friendly drain cleaning services to help keep Toronto clean, and your home healthy and energy efficient. That’s why we have partnered with Bio Clean to offer a cleaner, healthier option for dealing with drain blockages. Bio-Clean is a powerful mix of bacteria and enzymes that will safely break down accumulating debris.BIO-CLEAN changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system. These elements are then available for plant life. 

Bio-Clean is a powerful mix of bacteria and enzymes that will safely break down accumulating debris.

Keep drains free before the build-up turns into a blockage. When you do have a blockage - the best course of action is to call Hoerner Heating & Plumbing at 416-463-2573. And go with the flow!

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Service Warranty Policy

The Manufacturers have their own warranty on their equipment & fixtures. Hoerner Plumbing warrantees our repairs and replacements, the length of warranty varies depending on the type of repair or replacement.