Basement Flooding in Toronto

  • December 7, 2018

Despite the City of Toronto’s efforts to improve the complex systems installed in the underground pipes, catch basins, and sewers, homes are not safe from basement flooding in Toronto. The heavy rains in spring and summer tend to overload the sewers. Grey and black water often cause flooding and backups.  It is essential to take measures to avert disaster. 

While the inconvenience of a backup or basement flooding can throw off your plans for a day or so, it can also eat into your household budget. But most devastating for most families, is the threat of losing precious belongings and keepsakes (such as photographs and memorabilia in the basement) that makes them want to put measures in place to prevent basement flooding.

Why is My Basement Flooding When it Rains?

A home’s foundation rests on the ground. Rain, snow, ice and other types of precipitation can cause the water to become overly saturated, and this leads to basement flooding. Other causes include clogged sewers, and backed up stormwater drains.

Other reasons why groundwater or storm water might seep into the basement include:

  • A crack or water leak in the basement walls, foundation, or windows and doors in the basement.
  • Poor drainage or lot grading
  • Foundation drains (weeping tile system) failure (note: Hoerner does not provide foundation work)
  • Overflowing eavestroughs
  • Plugged or leaking downspouts

Taking care of these issues before wet months will help prevent basement flooding. 

Blocked or incapacitated sewer pipes can cause a sewer backup that results in basement flooding. This can happen due to:

  • Flushing fats, oils and grease or other items down the drain.
  • Tree roots and pieces of cracked sewer pipes causing a blockage.. 
  • Extreme rainfall and melting snow can cause sewer pipes to be overwhelmed.  

If the sewers fill beyond their capacity, the water will flow in reverse from the sewer pipe into the basement of your home. A sump pump and backflow valve can help alleviate this problem. 

How to React During when the Basement Floods

Below are a few actions that a homeowner should undertake in the event of basement flooding; 

  1. Shut off the water, power, and gas, and evacuate the house immediately.
  2. Evacuate your family to a place where they will be safe.
  3. Call emergency plumbing services.

How to recover from a flooded basement

Warning: Wait for emergency services to give you the go-ahead before entering the house. If the basement flooding was caused by storm water or rain, wait for the storm to pass. Wear boots and gloves before dealing with flood damages before entering the flooded basement and follow these steps to recover from a basement flood.

  1. Confirm that the floor drain is clear and that water is draining well.
  2. Move the damaged and soaked items and furniture to a dry area or dry them in the sun.
  3. Remove carpets from the basement to enable the floor to dry.
  4. Remove any damaged and wet insulation.
  5. Clean up all the dirt and wipe down the walls with strong bleach to prevent mold. 

You can expect that the basement will probably take a few days to dry. You can open up the doors and windows in the basement to increase the ventilation by opening up the doors and windows in the basement. Fans and dehumidifiers will also help speed up the drying process. Damaged and wet insulation must be removed; all the dirt and walls must be cleaned up to prevent molding.  

Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is the local Company in Toronto that is at your service for professional help. They are experts in basement flooding and waterproofing. Our knowledgeable technicians are not only experienced but also knowledgeable. They can advise you on the available Toronto subsidies as well as on how to protect your basement from flooding. The Basement flooding protection rebate program offers rebates and preventative items that can be installed in your home. You can also take advantage of the government rebates to install the system just in case your basement floods. Learn more about the sump pump rebates and backwater valve rebates in Toronto.

The great news is that NightEye range assists you in protecting your home from flooding. The pump monitoring and intelligent alarm notifications are sent to your phone. No service fees or subscription fees. The NightEye system works via the wireless router in your home and is connected with BlinkUp technology.

For all your Toronto basement flooding prevention measures, contact Hoerner Heating & Plumbing today. Better be safe than sorry!