Noisy Pipes

  • May 27, 2016

Noisy Pipes

Noisy Plumbing and Diagnosis of Sounds

Few things ruin a relaxing bath like noisy plumbing. Noisy water pipes are more than just a nuisance… It can actually be an indication of plumbing problems. Water pipes should not be loud, but various things can cause your pipes to be noisy, including:

  • clogs
  • weather
  • water pressure
  • main shut off valve
  • loose pipes
  • worn out washers
  • toilets

Water hammering is one of the most common noisy plumbing issues. It is usually caused by air cushions in the pipes that cause the pipes to hammer or rattle. It can also be caused by loose pipes. When water flushes through loose pipes, it causes them to sway and that makes a noise. 

Worn out washers tend to cause squeaks and whistling sounds inside the water pipes. However, squealing that seems to resonate through the house can be caused by the water pressure regulator or the main shut off valve.

Sometimes, the toilet can make a rattling or banging sound once it refills after flushing. This is typically caused by a worn ballcock assembly or fill valve that is causing the noise. 

There are various other issues that can result in noisy plumbing, and it is usually best to leave it to the professionals. Sometimes, experienced DIYers assume that it is easy to fix noisy plumbing using tutorials they found online. Unfortunately, online tutorials don’t take into account a myriad other facts. They assume that your plumbing is set up correctly in the first place, and they don’t make provision for different variables, but only for a specific style or type of equipment.

Noisy Plumbing & Diagnosis: Fixed

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