Prevent Water Pipes Freezing

  • July 28, 2014

Tips that may Help Protect your Hot Water Heating Systems and Plumbing Water Lines…

March break Vacation Travellers/Homeowners – Hot Water Heating (Radiators), Plumbing & Drains Preventative Maintenance

Attention all march break vacation travellers/homeowners! Some homeowners have experienced extended power outages this year and extreme weather conditions …Possibly a new Normal. You may want to consider these steps that may assist in preventing water pipes from freezing and other heating and plumbing component failures. 

7 Suggestions – reducing liabilities in the home while you are on vacation:

  1. Proper insulation
    Make sure your home has proper insulation and ensure maintenance is maintained regularly for working components of your home at all times.
  2. Main Water Shut Off
    Turn off the main water shut off (located close to the water meter) in the home and then drain plumbing water lines in home (check instructions on how to do this). Note: we strongly recommend this is done by a Professional because this process may affect other components of the home.
  3. Drain Hot Water Heating System (hire a professional)
    Draining down hot water heating system (which uses radiators) if travelling for extended period of time. Note: we strongly recommend this is done by a Professional because this process may affect other components of the home.
  4. Do not set thermostat lower than 17 degrees Celsius when travelling
    In the event you do not choose to drain down a hot water (hydronic) heating system; another less extreme measure is too regulate the temperature of your home and keep it at a moderate level (i.e. 17 Celsius).  Some homeowners choose to have a remote thermostat to regulate the temperature when away from home.
  5. Non Toxic  Anti Freeze
    Some homeowners choose to add some non- toxic antifreeze throughout the home where applicable (check instructions for application) i.e. toilet, washing machine, dishwasher etc. which may assist in preventing freezing.
  6. Home-sitter or Daily Visit
    Some homeowners choose to have a house sitter. Alternatively have someone visit your home on a daily basis to monitor heating and plumbing components of the home, and to keep them functional.
  7. Open cabinet doors
    This allows for heat to circulate and also keeps interior pipes warm

As always; if you are concerned that your current plumbing and heating systems needs TLC over the next few months – feel free to call us and request expert advice on whether you should keep, fix, maintain, upgrade or replace your current plumbing and/or heating system. We are able to take appointments 24/7. Request a Service Call today!

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