RootX – Your Professional Solution for Roots in Drains

When a main drain blockage occurs, most plumbers do a drain dig (without looking at other possible and cheaper options that may work). That usually means uprooting your lawn, driveway or paving, all of which can be costly to repair. Costly landscaping repairs tend to add injury to the insult of a main drain blocked by tree roots. However, RootX enables us to avoid the additional inconvenience and cost of uprooting your landscape (if the roots are not too bad assessed drains). RootX might be an alternative to try first before just going ahead and doing a drain dig.

Introducing the RootX Solution

Love your trees but the roots damage your drains and pipes? ROOTX can now kill the roots without killing the trees, offering a cost effective solution that quickly deals with pipeline issues in order to avoid costly, inconvenient repairs.

Here’s what you should know about ROOTX:

  • Easily kills tree roots in leach field lines, septic tanks, storm pipes, and residential sewer pipe lines.
  • Restores capacity to your water flow.
  • Lowest ISO Standard chemical hazard rating
  • Gentle, robust cleaning action in your pipes.

RootX is a foaming tree root killer that saves you time and money in treating tree root intrusions in storm drains, sewer systems, septic systems and drain pipes.

RootX Is Safe for Your Plumbing System

RootX is a non-metal sodium foaming powder that is safe for the eco-system and for wastewater treatment plants. RootX contains Dichlobenil, an aquatic herbicide. It is non-systemic (which means it won’t kill trees), non-fumigating and non-caustic. A small application of herbicide will remain in the pipes for a few months in order to prevent regrowth.

RootX Helps Mechanical Root Removal

RootX promotes bacterial growth, which speeds up decay, thus enhancing the results of mechanical root cutting and removal.

When RootX comes in contact with water it foams, killing roots, thus inhibiting growth for up to 6 months. RootX foams all the way to the top of the system, where most of the root infiltration occurs.

Since RootX contains no copper sulfate, it is safe for all plumbing systems.

Here at Hoerner, we want to provide you with only the best root removal options that work fast and efficiently, that are tough on roots yet easy on your pipes. That’s why we now offer a RootX service for all your main drain issues.

What You Should Know About RootX Drain Cleanings

When you have a blockage in your main drain, call us and we will arrange a consultation in a time that suits you and perform our 3-step RootX service:

1.  Drain Snaking

We will insert a camera attached to a drain snake into the drain to establish the exact location of the blockage.

2.  Mechanical Root Cutting

We will then attach blades to the end of the drain snake to cut the roots.

3.  RootX

Finally, we will apply RootX to destroy any vegetation that has infiltrated your pipes.

Note:  You should avoid using your drains for 8 hours after we have applied RootX. Please make alternative arrangements for that time period.

Want to find out more about RootX? Get in touch with Hoerner Heating & Plumbing today.