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Toto: #1 in Toilet Replacement

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When it comes to toilet replacement, homeowners in the City have been opting for a firm favorite: Toto Toilets.

Although modern toilets are designed to be more durable and last for much longer, there are times when we need it replaced. In most cases, issues with the flush valve and flapper and the shut off valve don’t typically require toilet replacement – just toilet repair. But if your toilet repeatedly becomes blocked, overflows, or if there are leaks underneath the bowl, it may be time to replace your old toilet with a new Toto toilet.

Likewise, if you’re remodelling your bathroom, that’s a great excuse to see why everyone loves Toto toilets in Toronto.

Toto Toilets are available in high-efficiency options that provide a powerful flush function while still helping you save water. Choose from single flush or dual flush to meet your home’s specific needs.

Speak to the expert Scarborough plumbers at Hoerner Heating & Plumbing today if you need a new toilet. Our master Toronto plumbers will be able to advise you on your options for toilet replacement.

Toto One Piece Toilets

Perfect for simplistic, modern bathroom designs or busy public restrooms, one-piece toilets are easier to clean. The one-piece toilet is designed with the goal of hygiene. Because there is no joint or gaps between the bowl and the tank, there’s no space for dirt and grime to collect.

Toto Toilets offers a range of high quality one-piece toilets, including the Neorest and Aimes One-Piece toilet with Elongated Bowl and WASHLET Connection.

Toto Two Piece Toilets

In terms of performance, there’s no difference between one- and two-piece toilets from Toto Toilets. Even the parts, features and specifications are almost the same. The only difference between the two toilets is that a two-piece toilet has a separately molded bowl and tank. The two separate parts are attached using gaskets and bolts.

Toto Toilets stocks a range of two-piece toilets from Drake, Eco, Maris, Nexus, Promenade II, Vespin II, and Aquia.

Elongated Bowl Toilets

Elongated toilet bowls are said to be more comfortable than round bowls. One of the main reasons why people choose elongated toilets, is because the crevice under the bowl is smaller. That means it’s easier to brush. Because you have a better view of the interior front of the toilet bowl, it enables you to clean better too.

Select a Toto Toilets elongated bowl from a range of options such as Aimes, Aquia, Carlyle, Carolina, or Eco UltraMax.


The Aquia range of toilets is a fresh, practical and modern take on bathroom design. The modern appearance of Aquia toilets doesn’t end with aesthetics. In fact, these toilets are packed with features and innovation.

Aquia toilets can be adapted to meet your home’s requirements, with options including:

  • One or two pieces
  • Round or elongated bowls
  • WASHLET+ connection
  • Slim seats
  • Wall hung
  • Different flush GPF