Sewage Ejector

Sewage Ejector Uses

Sewage EjectorWhat is a sewage ejector pump? A sewage ejector, also known as a solids handling pump or non-clog pump or pump-up ejector system has two-inch solids handling capabilities. It can be used in applications where a toilet is involved. One such instance would be in a basement, where the solids must be lifted in order to move it out of the basement and into the sewer line.


Another use for a sewage ejector pump is when your home has a low location compared to your septic tank. Sewage must be pumped from the home to the septic tank through a two-inch discharge.


The sewage ejector pump has a large opening at the bottom. There’s a lot of free space inside the volute, which prevents plugging and clogging. It’s important to note that a sewage ejector is not a grinder pump, which chops, dices and slices solids into a macerated slurry. A sewage ejector passes the whole solids to the septic system.


Most sewage ejectors pumps are submersible, and installed in a sump basin, similar to a sump pump. However, while a sump pump pumps rainwater seepage out of the home, the sewage ejector pumps waste or sewage out of the home.


Liberty Sewage Ejectors from Hoerner


Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is a proud reseller of Liberty Pumps sewage ejectors. Liberty Pumps offers a wide range of sewage ejectors to suit your needs. Different sizes are suitable to different applications. 


The company also sells sewage grinder pumps, but not every application requires a grinder pump. If you have to pump to a pressurized sewer main across a distance of more than 750 feet, or if it has to pump across a high vertical distance (30 feet or more), a sewage grinder pump is the best option. 


A sewage ejector pump is your best option if:


  • You’re pumping to a septic tank;
  • When sewage is being pumped to a gravity sewer main;
  • When you’re pumping across a short distance at a low vertical distance.


There are instances that are the exception to the rule. For that reason, it is best to talk to a plumbing expert at Hoerner Heating and Plumbing. Call us today for more information and guidance on your specific requirements.

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