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The phrase "plumber needed" is one of the most commonly used in the world on a daily basis, and Hoerner Heating & Plumbing satisfies that need. When someone needs a plumber, our team of highly trained, skilled, and talented plumbers comes through.

Plumber Needed in Toronto


Carpenters, plumbers, and other skilled trade workers have all been in increasingly short supply in recent years. It's becoming increasingly difficult to fill vacancies because more experienced and older workers are retiring. Often, there aren't enough young people to fill the vacancies.


Have you considered a career in plumbing? GREAT, because Hoerner is actively looking to recruit awesome plumbers in Toronto. We are an established well loved company locally and we are here to stay.


Here are some reasons to consider a career in plumbing if you haven't already:


Responsibility and Demand


Many skilled plumbers retire each year. There will be a high demand for skilled, experienced plumbers as a result of this, as well as the anticipated growth in plumbing requirements brought on by the construction of new buildings and an increasing population.


As a plumber, you contribute to the development and upkeep of our nation's infrastructure. Plumbers install all water, drainage, waste and vent, and gas piping systems in all types of buildings, as well as municipal sewer and water services.


Meeting and Assisting Others


Let's face it: when people require a plumber, they truly require a plumber! They frequently require one immediately to prevent water damage in their home or business, repair toilets, and ensure they can take a bath.


Meeting and Assisting People and Communities


When most people require a plumber, they've already tried everything to solve the problem by themselves...   They usually need a plumber right away to prevent water damage in their home or business, repair toilets, ensure they can take a hot shower, and keep their drinking water safe. Working as a plumber allows you to meet people from all walks of life. Whether your project is in a commercial building or a home, you will never feel isolated or lonely on the job when you’re part of the Hoerner team.


It is no secret that our health is inextricably linked to our access to safe drinking water. People will call you in a plumbing emergency to assist them when they are most in need. 


Plumbers are in high demand. It's wonderful to have a job that has an impact on people's lives. Plumbers help to improve the quality of life and protect the health of their community by maintaining water and sewer lines.


Low-Cost Education


A plumber can be trained at a vocational school or a community college. There will be no massive student loan debt. Furthermore, there are numerous apprenticeship programs that allow you to work and earn money while learning the trade. Most plumbers either attend vocational school or work as apprentices under the supervision of licensed plumbers. On-the-job training is the polar opposite of college tuition in that you earn while you learn. You will graduate with no debt.


Physical exertion and job variety


With all the heavy pipe you move around every day working as a plumber, who needs a gym membership? Plumbers have to bend, crouch, and squeeze into tight spaces. They also use upper-body strength to operate machinery. A hardworking plumber can maintain excellent physical condition. Some people despise sitting at a desk all day. Plumbers leave the office and travel throughout their neighbourhood, visiting homes and businesses, and each day is unique.


Excellent pay and benefits


Plumbers who work for a plumbing company or as independent contractors can earn a good living. Many plumbers join unions and receive excellent benefits such as health insurance, 401(k), life insurance, and other perks.


Working as a plumber entails solving a puzzle with each job. A plumber must analyse the situation, identify the problem, and determine the most efficient way to solve it. This type of work is never boring!


As you can see, there are numerous benefits to becoming a plumber. Many people take their plumbing for granted and never think about it until it breaks. However, proper plumbing maintenance is critical to our way of life and health. As a result, there will always be a need for skilled plumbers. It feels good to be needed!

Plumber Jobs at Hoerner Heating & Plumbing


Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is seeking skilled and knowledgeable plumbing and heating professionals who are looking for a workplace that encourages professional development.

As a company, we place a high value on respect for employees, a collaborative and enjoyable work environment, and work-life balance. If you are willing to learn, we at Hoerner are committed to helping you succeed.

  • Excellent pay!
  • Paid vacation and sick days are available, as are unlimited unpaid days.
  • Health Advantages are Limited
  • Industry-leading technology 
  • Uniforms and company vehicles 
  • Dynamic leadership 
  • Opportunities for career growth and training


Ready to apply? Check out our recent plumber job posting.


Our team is client-focused, encouraging, creative, and hardworking. We strive to foster a solution-focused corporate culture that leverages technology.


Hoerner is a company built on extraordinary people.


Service Warranty Policy

The Manufacturers have their own warranty on their equipment & fixtures. Hoerner Plumbing warrantees our repairs and replacements, the length of warranty varies depending on the type of repair or replacement.