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Is a Bradford White Atmospheric water heater for you? Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that there are several different types of water heaters. For the most part, we know that our hot water heaters in Toronto are working when our showers are hot, and that they are faulty when we receive a blast of cold water. Atmospheric vents and power vent water heaters are two popular options on the market.

The average water heater unit lasts between eight to twelve years before it requires replacement. Usually, these devices will leak or stop heating the water to your preferred temperature before completely failing. This provides you with an opportunity to book a new water heater installation with Hoerner Heating & Plumbing. When it’s time to buy or rent a new water heater, we recommend you look into our new Bradford White High Efficiency eF Series Power Vent.

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New Water Heater Considerations

Many homeowners stick with the same type of water heater as the one they are replacing – oftentimes the exact same model. However, our households’ hot water needs change over time, and it is important to consider that when choosing a new hot water heater.

Proper maintenance ensures that your new water heater provides optimal value and efficiency. While choosing a new water heater, look at the sticker on the side of the unit which will provide information on the energy efficiency and annual cost of operation of the unit. 

It is essential to use an approved installer who is manufacturer trained for all your installation, maintenance and water heater repairs

Introducing the Bradford White Power Vent 

For more than 135 years, Bradford White Water Heaters has been a leading brand of superior water electric, atmospheric gas and power vent water heaters.

High Efficiency eF Series® Power Vent Gas is an ENERGY STAR qualified vertical, dual-pass heat exchanger system with Vitraglas protection on both the primary and secondary heat exchanger, as well as a Vitraglas lining. The unit is equipped with a self-priming condensate tee and a Bradford White ICON system. 

The High Efficiency eF Series® Power Vent Gas has a 2” non-CFC foam insulation and a pedestal base, heat traps, two protective anode rods, a T&P relief valve and low restrictive brass drain valve.

Get in touch with Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, your accredited Bradford White water heater reseller and installer for all your hot water needs.

What’s the difference?

Well, atmospheric vent water heaters require no moving parts or electric power, while vent water heaters make use of a fan to expel the excess gases from your home. 

Venting water heaters come in a variety of styles, the most popular being power venting and atmospheric. 

If a metal pipe rises from the top of your current water heater, it is likely an atmospheric unit. This is one of the oldest styles of water heaters on the market. The system heats fuel and uses that to warm the water. Excess gas is pushed upwards through the vent and removed from your home. However, enough fuel will remain in the tank once the water is heated. This creates sufficient pressure to expel the gases.

One of the main advantages of atmospheric water heaters is that it doesn’t require any electricity. That means your water will still be hot even in the event of a power outage. 

Hoerner Heating & Plumbing is a factory-trained supplier and installer of Bradford White atmospheric water heaters. Our technicians can consult with you on the most suitable unit for your residential needs and advise on the best model, whether you choose the eF Series Power Direct Vent, Power Direct Vent Gas, Atmospheric Fan Assist Gas or a High Efficiency eF Series Power Vent Gas.

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