Boiler Maintenance

Boiler Maintenance: An Easy Way to Take Care of Your Boiler

Little things matter when it comes to boiler maintenance. For your Toronto boiler to work, there are regular boiler maintenance checks to be done. Wear and tear interferes with boiler performance.

Due to the cold winters, homes in Toronto, Canada need heating. Like changing the oil in your Ferrari F60 every 3,000 miles, you also need annual boiler maintenance and boiler cleaning services. Hoerner Heating & Plumbing boiler maintenance service technicians provide service to heating systems.

We do Boiler Maintenance on Hoerner Choice Boilers – Heating Only and Combination Boilers: 

  • Viessmann
  • NTI
  • IBC 

Some boiler maintenance checks can be done by you, while others need the help of a professional boiler technician. Here are checklists to ensure that boiler maintenance is scheduled correctly. 

Your Daily Boiler Maintenance To-Do Checklist:

The average person believes boiler maintenance is a monthly or biannual task. Yet, doing daily boiler maintenance helps track performance and spot problems early.

Perform these quick daily boiler maintenance checks:

  • Make sure your boiler is not leaking water.
  • The area around the boiler should be clean and accessible.
  • Make sure that the boiler’s temperature and pressure readings are within range.
  • Inspect the boiler’s display panel for error codes or service codes.
  • Note error codes and contact Hoerner.
  • Ensure the boiler’s vent enclosure is clear of debris, ice, and snow.
  • Make sure the boiler’s combustion air opening is not blocked.
  • Always keep an ear out for unusual vibrations or sounds from your boiler.

Establish a schedule for boiler cleaning and maintenance, so you don’t forget about them.

Extra Checks For Boiler Maintenance 

Daily and monthly inspections help, but so do other inspections every other month as part of your boiler maintenance routine. 

A few essential periodic boiler maintenance checks include:

  • Check if you can see any leaks in the boiler’s hydronic piping.
  • Check the boiler’s burner flame. Report unusual boiler flames to your Hoerner boiler maintenance service contractor.
  • Schedule a time to have your low water cutoff checked. This cutoff prevents the boiler’s water level from falling below manufacturer specifications.
Hoerner, CA: Start-up And Yearly Boiler Maintenance Checks

Your boiler should be serviced annually by a Hoerner boiler maintenance service contractor. Hoerner boiler maintenance service contractors are licensed installers that perform boiler maintenance. 

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During boiler maintenance service inspections, Hoerner, CA boiler maintenance service contractors will do the following:

This is a general list of what we do on high efficiency and mid efficiency models.

High Efficiency Cleaning

High-efficiency Annual Cleaning includes an intensive and thorough inspection and cleaning.

Removing burners and cleaning/inspecting the heat exchanger.

Draining and recharging the cushion/expansion tank.

Removing condensate trap and cleaning

Checking for leaks in the system.

Taking a combustion analysis for CO2 levels.

High Fire CO2 %

Mid Efficiency Cleaning

Boiler Cleaning Includes an intensive and thorough cleaning.

Taking a combustion analysis for Carbon monoxide level.

Removing the burners and venting.

Cleaning out all debris. Use boiler cleaner brush.

Vacuum all debris at the bottom pan. Use compressor and blow through heating coil or unit if needed

Draining and recharging the cushion/expansion tank.

Cleaning the heat exchanger

Checking for leaks on the system.

Shockingly Simple Secret for Efficient Boiler Maintenance 

A secret to boiler maintenance involves reading the boiler’s owner’s manual. When reading the owner’s manual, pay attention to instructions specific to your boiler. 

Keep the manual for your boiler in a safe place, in case something goes wrong. Concerns need to be reported to the Hoerner, CA boiler maintenance service contractor.

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The cost of boiler maintenance is lower than the price of replacing a boiler. Don’t hesitate, schedule your Hoerner, CA boiler maintenance service technician today. Boiler Maintenance guarantees your Toronto home remains comfortable.