Boiler Repair

Trusted heating and cooling services in Toronto for Boiler Repair

Most of us don’t realize the importance of a functioning boiler until it no longer works as it should, that’s why doing a boiler repair before it gets cold out is important. Because we need hot water and an efficient central heating system, the process of replacing a boiler is often left until it becomes necessary.  

A boiler installation is an important investment in your home’s value and your family’s comfort, as is boiler maintenance and repair. 

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We do Boiler Maintenance on Hoerner Choice Boilers – Heating Only and Combination Boilers Including:

  • Viessmann
  • NTI
  • IBC

Due to the fact that we use our Combi boilers (heating & domestic hot water) for so many tasks around the home – from cooking to cleaning and personal hygiene – it’s only natural that they will suffer from deterioration. However, our Hoerner choice brands recommend annual boiler maintenance to ensure that your boiler provides the highest level of efficiency for as long as possible. 

After several years of good use, your boiler will probably start showing signs that it needs to be replaced. Most boilers last more than a decade with regular maintenance. However, when you notice gurgling or banging sounds, leaks, no heat, low pressure, or restricted water flow, it might be time to repair or replace your boiler

Hoerner Choice Brands

Whether you need boiler installation, maintenance or repair, you can rely on Hoerner – no matter the brand. Our choice brands provide boilers that we would gladly use (and most of us do) in our homes.  

  • Viessmann boiler service and installs and repairs:  — Viessmann boilers take up less room in your home, and the “combi” units also have the ability to provide domestic hot water. Many older Toronto neighbourhoods still use cast-iron radiators for home heating. That makes a Viessmann high condensing boiler the ideal choice to heat your home. Don’t wait until it’s cold to do a Viessmann boiler service
  • IBC boiler installs and repairs —  As an IBC Better Boilers reseller and installer, our technicians are factory trained to provide you with exceptional service and workmanship when you call us for your IBC boiler replacement service call-out.
  • NTI – installs and repairs —  Hoerner Heating and Plumbing has a trained, certified and registered team of technicians who specialize in reliable, efficient and fast NTI boiler replacement. (NTI FTVN boiler & NTI FTV-C combi boiler)
  • Rinnai Installation and Repair (tankless water heater-combination boiler water heater) delivers more hot water and requires less recovery time than traditional tank water heaters.  
  • Navien boiler installation and repair (tankless water heater-combination boiler water heater). Our Navien boiler technicians have the training and experience to provide you with installation, maintenance, repairs and replacement for Navien products, including: Navien Water Tube Heating Boilers
  • Navien Tankless Condensing