Drain Digs

Removal of tree roots in sewer lines

Toronto is a city of many trees, which can pose problems with your drains, every part of the year and fluctuating temperatures make it worse. It’s at this time of the year that we at Hoerner Heating and Plumbing receive many calls about blocked drains.

How your bathroom and kitchen sinks and toilets drain are a good indication of a main drain clog, and those drains are a symptom of a bigger problem being a main drain blockage caused by tree roots.

The problem is that new root growth which infiltrates drains and sewer lines, can cause havoc on the draining system. When that happens, drain digs are necessary to solve the issue or other temporary solutions below.

Our drain cleaners in Toronto will assess what kind of dig your home will need. Sometimes both an inside and outside dig is required depending on the damage. Blockages or damaged pipes are usually between the front of your house and the property line or street. Hoerner coordinates getting locates from the City on where utilities are located underground and the property line.

Your Toronto drain repair technicians from Hoerner will use a specialized camera to locate and assess the problem with our plumbing inspection checklist. This alleviates unnecessary digging, potentially in the wrong place.

Temporary Solutions for Blocked Drains:

Once the blockage has been located (usually due to Tree Roots in Drains), we will send down our equipment from the nearest clean out, using a drain snake to clear the drain out. Techniques such as using different products like RootX applications to your drains can also help clear or prevent root growth but are only tentative measures in deterrence.

Drain Video Inspection – Post Treatment & Recommendations

After the required treatment, we will perform another drain video inspection to ensure that we have removed as much of the tree root infiltration as possible. As roots in drains continue to grow, they continue to exert pressure and expand the crack in the joint, causing major leaks or breaks. Even worse, it may result in total blockage of the pipe, requiring replacement of the pipes. If the cracks formed by the tree roots have caused your clay pipes to collapse, you will need a new pipe installed. We recommend replacement of clay pipes with plastic (pvc) piping to prevent infiltration of roots.

Drain snaking is a good way to clear up drains without the traditional drain digs that cause damage to your landscape or hardscape.

We will also recommend options to help deter root growth. Replacing your clay pipes with PVC is one such option.

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