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As a general rule, a plumbing fixture is a device that interacts with water and is connected to the plumbing system (whether it is delivering water or draining it). Although the core design of most plumbing features tends to be the same, the use and design of each will differ; depending on the item, some might be ornamental and some might be practical, but most will have a single purpose.

The Most Common Plumbing Fixtures in a Household

If you want, you can coordinate the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen. Whatever your stylistic preference may be, you can choose a look and feel for the room by the colors, materials, and finishes of your plumbing fixtures. A wide range of styles and finishes are offered by most plumbing fixture manufacturers. At Hoerner Heating and Plumbing, we offer a wide range of plumbing fixtures from leading manufacturers. 

Bathroom, kitchen, and utility sinks

There are several types of sinks, and they are used for washing hands, dishes, and other items. Each household has several sinks, also called basins.

Sinks will have one or more faucets that supply hot and cold water, as well as a spray that allows water to be distributed continuously. Most sinks will have drains, and some will have integrated soap dispensers.

Clogged sinks are common due to debris, soap, and gunk that gets trapped in piping. In most cases, you can clear the clog yourself, although a professional plumber might be required in extreme cases. The shape and type of sink you have can vary greatly. Common sink types include:

  • Self-rimming sinks are commonly used in kitchens and are inserted into a hole that is cut into the countertop. They are suspended by the rim and when installed correctly the seal between the sink and countertop is watertight.
  • Undermont sinks: These sinks clamp under the countertop; therefore, the edge of the hole must be finished. Waterproofing is harder with these sinks. While bottom-mount sinks are more expensive (including finishing costs), they are considered more contemporary and classy than those with self-rims.
  • Solid surface sinks: For seamless integration between sink and countertop, sinks can be made in the same material as the countertop and glued underneath; they may also be fabricated from stainless steel and welded.
  • Sinks with rounded rims, called Butler sinks, are not uncommon in bathrooms; a rectangular sink with a rounded rim is secured to a wooden cabinet or surface. Butler sinks are typically smaller than kitchen sinks.
  • Stand-alone sink: It is often mounted on a piece of furniture or on a leg, and is finished on all sides. Sinks of this type are extremely versatile, allowing for a wide range of designs. These sinks typically do not include under sink storage. These are usually harder to maintain (particularly removing clogs) because the plumbing is often housed in a very narrow ‘leg’ and you basically have to disassemble the sink to access the plumbing.

It’s great to know you have a lot to choose from when it comes to new sinks. The options include single, double, and triple bowls. Double and triple sinks make dishwashing especially convenient.

A properly lit bathroom is essential for comfort – and to admire your new fixtures! Placing sconces on each side will improve the lighting of your mirror. Additionally, ceiling lights and accent lighting are also necessary for general lighting. Unfortunately Hoerner does not install lights, but we install all those fabulous bathroom essentials like sinks, toilets etc. 


In any home, both the kitchen and the bathroom faucets are frequently used. You might want to consider investing in a quality faucet. 

Would you like a pull-out faucet? The spray head can now be pulled straight out of the faucet rather than needing a separate sprayer!

Get in touch with our friendly staff if you have any question about installing the perfect faucet for your home or business. Our team of experts can fix your existing faucet with one of our favorite Moen faucets, depending on your situation. 

Moen faucets even include a lifetime warranty on cartridges!

Repairing and installing faucets is our favorite job! We have fun faucets with amazing touch-activated technology that everyone will enjoy. Our Moen faucets include: 


Toilets are probably among the most important plumbing fixtures in the house. Waste is transferred to a septic tank or to a sewerage system using a flush system. 

The toilet is one of the more complex plumbing fixtures with a complex system of filling the tank, complex plumbing to ensure proper flow of waste, and the most confusing element of all – the humble toilet lid – most men still don’t quite know how to use!

You cannot overlook the importance of toilet design. Modern, traditional, classic, Victorian, and elongated toilet bowls are all available. 

In recent years, toilets have been built to last longer. Energy-efficient toilets utilize less water while providing a more powerful flush. TOTO toilets are the ideal upgrade when it comes time to replace your old toilet.  TOTO toilets are also available in dual flush options that make using them more comfortable.

With transitional styling and a G-Max flushing system, the Eco Drake is also compatible with a Washlet or SoftClose seat.

Faucet cartridges 

Generally speaking, there are four basic types of faucet valves: the areas within faucets where hot and cold water mix and the flow rate is controlled. The purpose of each kind of faucet valve is the same – to deliver water at a desired temperature and rate. The most common causes of faucet cartridge problems are worn out rubber O rings, or clogged passages within the cartridge. 

Water Filters 

If you are experiencing premature boiler or water heater failure, stains on laundry or kitchen sinks, damage to water-using appliances, or bad taste and odor in the water, we will inspect your home for the following signs of hard water:

  • Low water pressure
  • Water spots on shower doors
  • Mineral deposits build up in shower heads

A buildup of calcium carbonate deposits form rapidly inside water pipes, water heaters, shower heads, and appliances. Having trouble turning the shut-off valve on your toilet is one of the most common signs of hard water buildup. 

With Novo Water Filters, you can eliminate hard water damage and provide soft, luxurious water. Water filtration systems or water softeners are great for potable water.

Our plumbing and heating services are provided by Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, a company rated by Novo and WaterGroup. Contact us today to find out which option is best for you.