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Home Radiator Toronto – We offer expert radiator and heating repair services

Radiator Toronto: Hoerner Heating & Plumbing Services Inc. offers expert radiator and heating repair services in Toronto. From servicing to repair and new installations, you can rely on Hoerner to keep your home warm during the colder months.

Our aim is to ensure the utmost in quality, which is why we supply and install high-quality Stelrad radiators and Runtal radiators. These modern machines are sized to match standard cast iron radiators, but since they are wall-mounted, it should not affect the size of your room at all.

Hoerner’s specialist installers are factory trained and know how to size your new radiator according to the size of the home, in order to deliver the best functionality and heat distribution.

Are some rooms in your home warmer than others? Let Hoerner’s technicians install a thermostatic valve to reduce heat loss in the cooler rooms, as that will require less heating.

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How Does Hoerner’s Radiator Repair Service Work?

When you call Hoerner, we will send out a friendly, trained technician to come to your home or office. We will inspect the radiator to assess its condition. 

Then we will inspect the entire system to ensure water-flow. Afterward, we will pressure-test the radiator to check for leaks, which we will repair before we re-test it.

Hoerner carries a large stock inventory to ensure that we can perform most repairs right away in order to limit inconvenience for our valued clients.

Expert Radiator Repairs and Services – The Hoerner Difference in Toronto

In addition to expert radiator installation, we offer a range of other indoor air quality services, as well as other solutions for inside and around your home.

Our expert radiator repairs and services set us apart from the competition. Your comfort is our number one priority and that is why we offer convenient appointments and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Hoerner technicians will leave your home as clean as when they got there.

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