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Hoerner Sump Pump Installations, Services & Repairs

Sump pumps are one of those systems you rarely think about until it backs up or your basement floods. The sump pit is usually found in a corner of your basement. The pump is designed to pump out flooded water from the pit.

Our favorite sump pumps: The PC sump pump series is a fully assembled sump pump kit system. The model pc237 441 with battery backup pump is frequently installed by us. It can also be used with a variety of other sump pumps.

Did you know you can apply for a sump pump rebate? The City of Toronto offers a rebate up to 80 per cent of the invoiced cost, up to a maximum of $1,750 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Sump pump Rebate includes:

  • Installation or replacement of sump pump.
  • Installation of alarm for sump pump.
  • Installation of back-up power for sump pump.

Hoerner can help with the rebate process and provide the sump pump rebate link and invoice to claim the rebate. Is your sump pump broken, needing replacement or not working? No problem call us and we can help.

A sump pump is a very important part of your home. Homeowners with basements know how essential a sump pump is in the rainy season. A sump pump removes excessive water from your property’s lowest areas, preventing basement flooding. Your sump pump needs to be functioning properly throughout the year in order to protect your home against flooding.

This is why it’s crucial you keep your sump pump in good working order so you don’t have to worry about water damage. You are always protected with expert Hoerner sump pump installations.

We fix, install, and replace sump pumps for homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our licensed plumbers can help you prevent water damage in your basement. With our same-day service and next-day installation, you’ll never be caught off-guard again.

Hoerner sump pump services include:

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps: 5 signs it’s time for a replacement

Sump pumps, like every other appliance in your home, have a lifespan. As soon as it is time for it to be replaced, you will start to see signs. Check out these five signs that you need a new sump pump to avoid a major headache, costly sump pump repairs or worse, a flooded basement.

  • The sump pit is dry
    This is an indication that the sump pump is not connected to the drainage system if the pump is running but no water is in the sump pit. A clogged drainage system or an improperly installed sump pump may lead to an empty sump pit in your basement. If the sump pump empties, immediately disconnect it and call a plumber.
  • The sump pump is making loud noises
    You can hear your sump pump running if you get close enough. In contrast, loud gurgling, rattling, or grinding noises from a sump pump are abnormal. This is usually a sign that the motor is malfunctioning. The problem can be fixed by having the motor repaired.
    If your sump pump does not work, your motor may need to be replaced. Our sump pump repair and replacement services are available in the GTA. Give our team of certified plumbers a call to book an appointment if your sump pump is making strange noises. Our plumbing and HVAC services are dependable and affordable.
  • Sump pump is operating for long periods of time
    Does your sump pump system run continuously? It is very important to address a sump pump that has been running for a long time right away. Overworking a sump pump will give you trouble in the long run. That’s why you need to consult with a sump pump service professional who can help diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate repair or replacement.
  • Items & Contaminants in the Sump Pit
    Your sump pump could be clogged by debris and contaminants entering the system. A sump pump that is experiencing this kind of problem will slow down until it totally fails in the long run.

A sump pit without a lid is especially risky. Check your system for clogs and grime such as:

  • Rubble in the sump pump pit
  • Dirty mechanical components
  • Entangled switches

Consider installing an airtight lid on your sump pit to keep dust and debris out. Additionally, schedule a sump pump inspection to ensure that it is working properly.

  • No electricity 

A sump pump may lose power due to a defective component. The list goes on: blown fuses on circuits, unplugged pumps, dead batteries, blown fuses, or flooding from a powerful storm.

Installing a backup pump, a different circuit, or a battery backup system can help prevent a sump pump power outage.

Repair & Replacement of Sump Pumps 

There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes with a properly functioning sump pump. If your pump stops working, Hoerner’s team of emergency plumbers can repair it or replace it.

Our favourites

Sump PumpWe Supply and install Liberty Sump Pump and Back Up battery (Liberty ***Pumps PC237-441 – 1/3 HP FULLY ASSEMBLE)Sump Pump Combo Series1/3 or 1/2 hp1-1/2″ DischargeA fully assembled pump combination that features a primary 115V sump pump, 10A charger, and the Model 441-10A battery back-up pump.  Available with the 237, 257, 457, S37, or S37-P sump pump.Battery not included. Liberty Stormcell® battery recommended.We also supply and install Liberty Sump Pump and Back Up battery (Liberty **Pumps PC237-442-10A-EYE –  1/2 HP FULLY ASSEMBLE Combination Primary (237) & Battery Backup Sump Pump System)** with night eye.
Sump PumpAnother favourite – get a sump pump kit everyone has be raving about! Sump Pump Kit 457 Cast Iron (1/2 hp) and Battery Back-up / Night EyePC 457-442-10A-EYE – 1/2 HP Fully Assemble combination Primary (457) & battery

Did you know you might qualify for a sump pump rebate? You might be eligible to a subsidy of up to $3,400 (Backwater valve….$1250, Sump pump……….$1750) per property to install flood prevention devices or taking measures to prevent basement flooding. ***PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CONTACT THE CITY to ensure that your property has not already received a rebate If your property has already received a sump pump rebate you will not qualify for another one. ****


DISCHARGE NEEDS TO BE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE TO QUALIFY. Read more on the basement flooding protection subsidy form.

We can then give you an upfront written price before we begin any work-when you hire us, the quote you’re given is the price you pay. We offer safe and fast sump pump repair services to families in areas such as Toronto, Rosedale, Riverdale, Leaside, Beaches, East York, North York, Scarborough, Bridle Path, Casa Loma, Smithfield and more… We offer comprehensive warranties including both parts and labor warranties for the peace of mind you deserve. 

We at Hoerner Heating & Plumbing can install sump pumps and backwater valves that will prevent your basement from flooding. With our Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program, we can cover 80% of three different flood prevention devices, such as sump pumps, if you call us for assistance. Also, might we suggest that you consider a NightEye for Sump Pumps to assist in monitoring your important investment?

City of Toronto Sump Pump Rebate

The City of Toronto offers a rebate of up to 80 percent of the invoiced cost, up to a maximum of $1,750 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials, and taxes.