Sump Pump Brands

We can easily explain the importance of a sump pump. It protects your investment, saves you money on repairs, and gives you peace of mind when your basement stays dry. Use a Liberty Sump pump to be sure that you’ll be protected from flooding. Quality manufacturing will ensure your equipment does not fail when you need it most. 

Water accumulates in your basement as snow and ice melt over time. Basement flood protection is provided by the city for your convenience. 

Liberty Pumps manufacturers pumping products used in homes, businesses, and industries for removing groundwater and wastewater. Our extensive selection of pumps includes sump pumps, sewage pumps, effluent pumps, drain pumps, grinder pumps, pre assembled sewage packages, and pump accessories. Many professional contractors depend on Liberty’s products thanks to an extensive network of plumbing wholesalers and pump distributors.  

A sewage ejector pump removes solid waste and raw sewage. A pump like this typically sends raw sewage uphill from a whole house, basement bathroom, or external structure to a septic tank, aerobic system, or gravity sewer line. In general, sewage pumps can handle solids up to 2 inches in diameter. 

Sewage Ejector submersible pumps can pump raw sewage. Pumps like these are used to remove raw sewage wastewater from a lift station located in a basement or outside a house to a septic tank or aerobic treatment system. We offer sewage ejector pumps that can handle solids up to 2 inches in diameter and have a 2 or 3 inch NPT discharge. These pumps are designed for use in low pressure, high volume pumping applications.

Is it time to replace my sump pump?

In general, sump pumps need to be replaced between 7 and 9 years. The following are some signs it might be time to replace your sump pump:

1. It smells bad

In some cases, the smell isn’t related to your sump pump, but if the pump isn’t working correctly and your basement is too wet, the smell is likely to stem from mould, or other damage caused by standing water in your basement. 

2. Loud sounds

There could be a problem with your sump pump if you hear gurgling, rattling, or clanking noises. The motor will become very noisy as it reaches the end of its lifetime. It should be replaced immediately. The impeller may make a grinding or screeching noise when it’s clogged. However, if it sounds rattling, the impeller is damaged.

Or, perhaps it is simply not installed properly. An experienced plumber will install the pipes straight to reduce gurgling and ensure a quiet pumping process. 

3. Running constantly

It’s been blue skies for weeks in summer, and your sump pump is running. When it does that, it usually means there is something seriously wrong with the pump, and it will burn out. There is usually a reason why this happens: either you selected the wrong size motor for your basin, or the float switch (which makes the motor run) is stuck in the “on” position.

The NightEye helps you know what’s going on with your pump, no matter where you are through wireless connectivity with Liberty Pumps sump pumps and battery back up pumps.

There might also be a problem with the check valve, which prevents water from flowing back when the motor stops. Water draining back into the basin will prevent your basin from emptying and prevent your motor from shutting off.

Liberty sump pump products are available through Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, Toronto’s most reliable and friendly plumbers! They will not only recommend the right sump pump solution for your residence, but will also leave behind a perfectly installed Liberty sump pump, preventing further damage to your residence.


For grinder pumps to function properly, there must be at least 30 feet of head pressure. The motor will spin extremely fast when it is not facing this much back pressure, causing rapid deterioration. Sewage ejector pumps should be used rather than sewage grinder pumps when there isn’t a shared sewer main or if you have less than 30 feet of head. 

A sewage grinder pump should only be used in the following applications:

  1. Pumping to pressurised sewer mains.
  2. Pumping a very long distance (1000 feet or more)
  3. Pumping at a high vertical distance (at least 30 feet).

A sewage ejector pump will work best when you’re pumping sewage into a septic tank, gravity sewer main, or short distances (750 feet or less) or at a low vertical distance to lift the water (under 70 feet). 

The simple truth is that not all sewage pumps are grinder pumps, and grinder pumps aren’t always necessary to move raw sewage. In most cases, a sewage ejector pump is the better option. But there are some situations where either one would work.

We can help you prepare a City of Toronto sump pump rebate application and provide the necessary devices. Only contractors with valid City of Toronto licences may install these devices if you wish to be eligible for the rebate. 

Sump Pump Combo Series

1/3 or 1/2 hp
1-1/2″ Discharge

Liberty Pumps’ Sump Pump Combo Series features a primary 115V sump pump, a 10-amp charger and a battery backup pump. You can use it with the 237, 257, 457, S37, or S37-P sump pump.

The battery isn’t included. We recommend a Liberty Stormcell® battery. 

The new PC442-Series pumps have a primary pump and a backup pump pre-assembled. You can get it with standard or NightEye® wireless.

Please contact us today to learn more about the City of Toronto sump pump rebate

The City of Toronto offers a rebate up to 80 per cent of the invoiced cost, up to a maximum of $1,750 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials and taxes.

Sump pump Rebate includes:

  • Installation or replacement of sump pump.
  • Installation of alarm for sump pump.
  • Installation of back-up power for sump pump.

$39.00 OFF an Install of a Sump Pump plus Hoerner is waiving our $59.00 Service Response Charge.

CALL to schedule a Sump Pump install, replacement or a battery back-up sump pump system. 

Visit for current Sump Pump Rebates.   

NOTE:  Not to be used in combination with any other offer or discount.  Not to be used for evening or weekend emergency appointments.  Call before August 19th at 5:00 pm to enjoy your discount.  Calls must be booked for a regular Monday to Friday daytime appointment and must be booked for no later than Aug 31st.  City of Toronto Rebates may change at any time. 

City of Toronto Sump Pump Rebate

The City of Toronto offers a rebate of up to 80 percent of the invoiced cost, up to a maximum of $1,750 regardless of the number of devices installed at the property, including eligible labour, materials, and taxes.