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Summary of Toilet Fix Services

The Replacement of Toilets

A lot of people in Toronto still have older toilets that consume a lot of water for every flush. New toilet models are available which are more water efficient. The latest models of toilets becoming popular in Toronto homes are either single flush (low consumption) or dual flush (where they use 6L or less and have an optional smaller flush). If you have a toilet that is 10 years old or more, it’s a good idea to have us look at it so we can give you lower consumption options. We can replace your old toilet and we’ll even take it away. Call us to get the facts about a replacement option to suit your home and let us show you how to save water with a low consumption toilet. When you choose Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, you always get a professional technician that comes to your home. No matter what type of toilet or equipment we put in,we protect the entire area that we are working in to make sure there is no unnecessary damage to your home and unnecessary cleanup. We always ensure we do a thorough cleanup after we are finished in your home. We even dispose of the old toilet so you don’t have to worry about it.

Toilet Fix and Replacement Options

A lot of the older toilets that are 10 years old or older use 13.2 L per flush where as a modern day toilets use less (around 6 L).  So you are literally saving half the water per flush.  Over the course of a year, that’s a significant savings on your water bill. The other problem is older toilets claim the parts within the toilet itself, whether it be the flapper or the fill valve. We have a lot of chlorine in the water in Toronto and that could be damaging some of the toilet parts requiring a toilet fix. Flappers also tend to bend and may be leak. And again efficiency may go on and off because it’s leaking into the tank, and the bowl from the tank has to maintain a certain level of water. So it comes on as it leaks out it has to turn on to refill. There are different grades of toilets; the higher grade that we provide to people is the Toto toilet. It flushes really well, and it comes with a great guarantee for example – no clogging etc. The other toilet that we are currently using now is manufactured locally – our regular toilet that we install is called the Niagara Flapperless. Basically it’s kind of a unique design. It doesn’t have a flapper like in a traditional toilet and it has more of a bucket inside the tank, and it uses less water at ~4 1/2 L per flush. Additionally with the”bucket” we find you get a really good flush because it’s not draining out of the toilet, but the bucket drains into the tank and that gives you a stronger flush. So a stronger flush generally means less clogging.

Toilet Fix Tips