Water Filters Sales and Installation

Water Filters Reduce the Need for Frequent Repairs

Here at Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, we are constantly repairing plumbing systems that were damaged by poor quality water. Hardness from chlorine, chloramines, and iron cause significant damage to seals, pipes, gaskets and water-using appliances such as washers, radiators, fridges and more. However, unless the water quality is improved, new parts will simply break again after a few months. 

Hard water also poses a range of health risks.

Poor water quality causes a lot of damage, including:

  • Chlorine destroys rubber or plastic gaskets and seals, resulting in leaks. Do you notice a black residue when you run your finger over the flapper valve inside your toilet cistern? That’s a sign that chlorine is deteriorating the rubber.
  • Chloramines, due to their corrosive nature, cause pitting and pinhole leaks in copper pipes.  
  • Iron causes reddish-brown stains in sinks and bathtubs.

Do You Need a Water Filter?

When we visit your home due to premature boiler or water heater failure, stains on laundry, tubs and sinks, damage to water-using appliances, or bad taste and odor in the water, we will do a professional inspection to look for the tell-tale signs of hard water:

  • poor water pressure
  • spots on glass shower doors
  • mineral build-up in shower heads

Hard water scale rapidly builds up inside water pipes, water heaters, shower heads, and appliances. One of the most common signs of hard water scale build-up, occurs in the toilet shut-off valves, making it difficult to turn. 

Introducing Novo Water Filters

Novo Water Filters offer a range soft water solutions that can help eliminate hard water damage and provide soft, luxurious water. Choose from a whole house water filtration system or a water softener for your potable water.

Hoerner Heating & Plumbing offers Novo and WaterGroup rated quality products to improve your water quality and save you money. Speak to us today about the option that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. 

See our YouTube Video: Water Filtration Systems

Transcript Water Filtration Systems Video: Does your water have an odd taste?  Are you worried about having clean safe drinking water? Do you constantly have to replace faucets?  Your water quality may need to be improved. Hoerner Heating & plumbing can help you. We will come to your home and take a water sample to be sent to a lab and tested for mineral concentrations such as chlorine and fluoride.  The lab will provide a recommended filtration system that best suits the water filtration your home needs.  Hoerner Heating & Plumbing will supply and install the filtration system and your water issues shall be resolved!