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boiler installationHoerner Heating & Plumbing Offers Expert Boiler Installations, Maintenance and Repair Services in Toronto and the GTA.

 A boiler is made specifically for the purpose of distributing heat from hot water to the radiators and other household devices before pumping it back to the boiler to be reheated. Known as hydronic heaters, residential boilers typically use heating oil or natural gas to heat the water.  Sometimes, boilers use plastic tubing underneath the floor (radiant floor heating) to distribute heat.


When your home seems to lack heat, it may be time to invest in a new boiler to heat your radiators.


·      Uneven heat?

·      Hot enough warmth?

·      Need a new home heating system?


Our technicians have plenty experience with boiler installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair. Qualified hot water heating and hydronic heating technicians, our team specializes in hydronic heating and boiler installation.


New Boiler Installations


A home heating system is an investment that will be a part of your life for a long time. Instead of falling in the trap of just shopping around based on financing options and prices, also consider the energy it provides, and the cost savings attached to the various systems.


As with the rest of your plumbing system, your boiler will need annual maintenance to ensure it runs safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance will save money on heating bills, and is less likely to break down.


Tankless Boiler Installations by Hoerner


Here at Hoerner Heating and Plumbing, we can install any type of boiler, but we choose brands that offer high quality, low maintenance models. Tankless boilers are efficient in delivering domestic hot water through coil systems, eliminating costs, offering space saving benefits and high levels of efficiency.


Hoerner Offers Home Boiler Cleaning Services


The best time for a radiator and boiler cleaning is in May or June, and no later than Fall.  Why? Hoerner Heating & Plumbing will do a combustion analysis, if the outdoor temperature is hot, the boiler combustion analysis may not test properly. But waiting too long is not good either - you don't want to hit the winter rush without your heating system in good working order.


We recommend that homeowners call for boiler cleaning during spring, when the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius. Ideally, boiler cleaning should be done during May or June. When the temperature is below 15 degrees Celcius, we can do an accurate combustion analysis. We recommend Home Radiator and Boiler Cleanings, or at least an inspection once a year before the heating season commences. Ideally, your boiler should be cleaned once a year.


D Our technicians have more than 50 years of combined experience in boiler and hydronic heating.  Call Hoerner Heating & Plumbing today 416-463-2573!

 We service many boiler types including NTI also service IBC Boilers!




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Testimonial Julia from TorontoHi Tracey. I thought you might like this very good photo of the faucet your guys installed in my kitchen.

Julia from Toronto


Testimonial Julia from TorontoHi Tracey. I thought you might like this very good photo of the faucet your guys installed in my kitchen.

Julia from Toronto

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