Plumbing & Heating Testimonials

Nicolas was friendly and so helpful, and even with the delay in getting the part the service was wonderful and prompt. We are so grateful that everything went smoothly and that we have hot water again!

Paula N. – January 8, 2024

10/10 Radiators not heating issue: Mark provided an exceptional service – professional, timely, and with a lot of charismatic personality! Fixed the issues quickly. Spoke frankly about outcomes. Provided a solution which avoided costly replacement of the radiators.

Jane P. – January 7, 2024

Great service. Done in 2 hours with explanation of next steps if pipe banging does not stop. Discovered cartridge in kitchen hot water tap may be starting to wear out. Ordered a new one from Moen to be installed on next visit.

Murray C. – January 7, 2024

Great service. Done in 2 hours with explanation of next steps if pipe banging does not stop. Discovered cartridge in kitchen hot water tap may be starting to wear out. Ordered a new one from Moen to be installed on next visit.

Murray C. – January 7, 2024

Expert service. Mark is an easy going and friendly technician, he diagnosed the problem and knew what to do right away, plus he taught me a lot about my system along the way. Emma at the office is very approachable and prompt. I felt taken care every step of the way by this company.

Tom S – January 3, 2024

Very pleased with the job Cole did to unclog our kitchen sink. He was friendly, quick, and even helped us put the kitchen cabinet back together after fixing the issue with the pipe. We also love Hoerner. I put in the request late Monday night and got a call early the next morning.

Caleigh – January 2, 2024

La, from Hoerner Heating & Plumbing, diagnosed the problems created by another company and mapped a way forward. In this stage of the repair, he fixed issues with the toilet, tested and demonstrated the errors that were made in the previous installation of a bathtub/shower faucet system, and outlined an affordable plan to resolve the issues. We could not be more happy with his professionalism and attention to detail. I recommend this company without reservation.

Bill – December 21, 2023

Two leaky taps fixed promptly and well. The plumbers who attended were a pleasure to have in the house.

Jeffrey Berman – December 18, 2023

Thanks so much for coming so quickly and taking the time to fix the issues. We appreciate it!

Ann A. – December 17, 2023

Thank you for coming by and educating us on our options. We will save your number for when we want to make the necessary updates in the near future.

Tenzin D. – December 15, 2023

We’ve used Hoerner now a handful of times for household plumbing issues and always been very happy with their service. They are very professional to deal with and always straightforward in terms of what they’re doing and what they’re recommending. The problems we have called them for have not been straightforward, and they are technically knowledgeable and committed to working through our challenging problems to resolution.

Elliot – December 14, 2023

Found out boiler not working 3 days before passing the property to a tenant. Booked with Hoerner managed to send a technician (Nick) within 2 days. It turned out to be a very simple fix and Nick was very professional and helpful in explaining the possible causes of the problem and offered a discount as well. We will definitely have them over to clean up the boiler later.

Alice – December 8, 2023

Our Viessmann boiler was installed in 2018 and this was the first service for our boiler. It was cleaned and a new igniter was installed. The job was professionally done. I am happy with the service.

David – December 7, 2023

I would highly recommend Hoerner Heating & Plumbing. Lance was professional, efficient, knowledgeable and polite. The company responds quickly and skilled trades arrive as promised and complete the work in a timely manner.

Cheryl – December 7, 2023

Good morning. Thank you for your action in restoring our home’s hot water service. We appreciate your effective rescheduling and sourcing of an appropriate replacement heater. Nicolas Escobedo, your installation technician, was very conscientious and knowledgeable. The clean-up was great. So far, all’s good! Best regards.

CB Sept 25, 2020

We have had Zahir do a few things for us and each time we have had a really good experience. I would recommend him to any one!!!

MB June 16, 2020

Tracey and others,
That was the best, most professional job I have experienced in many years of home ownership. For many reasons. Andrew and the team are great. I am so grateful for your help with this difficult problem.
Regards, Cindy

CC January 30, 2020

Hello–just wanted to let you know that we have had Claire twice now and think she is GREAT!

AC Dec 16, 2019

From start to finish, Hoerner provided excellent and professional service. I was helped on the phone by Kim and Robyn. When they had to reschedule my appointment because they had to respond to real emergencies with burst pipes, they waived the dispatch fee. Then 2 plumbers came to my house. Yes 2 ;-). Mario and Cameron. I knew there would be a problem with fixing my hose bib and I was right. Mario quickly determined that the pipe for the hose bib is buried behind drywall. And the stem in the hose bib is old and there is no replacement part. I was feeling desperate until Cameron came up with a solution. Mario and Cameron quickly installed the solution, and tested to make sure there are no leaks anywhere. My hose bib is now back into action. I really appreciate Mario and Cameron’s attention to details, creative thinking, and professionalism. Both of them would take the time to explain what they are doing, show me what they have done, and tested everything before they left. This is the second time I have used Hoerner, and they are consistent in providing reliable service. I will definitely continue to use them for my plumbing and HVAC needs. 10Star!

AW Dec 6, 2019

Martin was great – very thorough and explained things too. Thank you

SH Sept 16, 2019

Zahir – has been and gone – drain unclogged – Thanks a million.

CB July 4, 2019

Zahir is wonderful ! Thank you for sending him. Have a lovely day.

MH November 30, 2018

A sincere thank you for standing behind your work. I appreciated the quick and effective response to putting the handle back on our shower.

KM October 25, 2018


LH May 30, 2018

Good morning. I wanted to thank you for the prompt service call last Saturday. Dave was quick, clean and very polite, and the pricing was very fair.

MB March 20, 2018

Thank you Andrew for your bio. You and your family seem like really wonderful people, and so are your services.
Thank you for sharing.

Inda February 22, 2018

Hi Tracey! Andrew was a Godsend a few weeks back when all my pipes froze up. Thanks for your fast and diligent response.

Catherine, Toronto Aug 24, 2017

Furnace Inspection And Cleaning – I have known Andrew Hoerner since he was a young boy. I also knew his father who started the plumbing business and his uncle. Their professionalism, competence and German work ethic are all traits of the family. I would highly recommend Hoerner to anyone who values these factors in the contractors they use. It is also apparent that all the staff have been selected and trained to fit the same family mould.

CJ, Toronto Aug 24, 2017

I want to let you know what a great service experience I had today. I called in a panic because I was having a new fridge delivered today and wasn’t told in advance the water line would have to be disconnected on the old fridge before the delivery person arrived.

Robin told me you were fully booked but she would see if Calvin could squeeze us in between appointments. Thankfully, Calvin did come with Max and while they were here, Calvin and Max offered to do everything on the spot. Calvin disconnected the water on the old fridge, they moved both fridges, unwrapped the new fridge, connected the water line and installed the hardware. I’m both relieved and thrilled! (Love the new fridge).

Needless to say, I’m very grateful and pleased. Please pass on my appreciation to Calvin, Max and your team.

Allison, Toronto Jul 28, 2017

Plumbing – Leaking Toilet – The only the thing I know about plumbing is the telephone number for Hoerner.

Jason did a great job and was very committed to resolving my problem. He contacted Andrew and it was a pleasure seeing them working together with a total focus on looking after me.

I have used Hoerner for many years; it’s a great fun company with hard working professionals that are relentless in doing a great job.

SF, Toronto Feb 14, 2017

Calvin from Hoerner Heating & Plumbing saved New Years Eve! On the morning of December 31 we realized that our drain was clogged and that was potentially going to be a serious problem because we were having friends and family over to ring in the new year. We called Hoerner’s switchboard who took down the details and told us that a service pro would call us back. Shortly after Calvin called to say that he would be over after his next job. He arrived soon after and evaluated the situation and ran through all the possible issues and explained to us the course of action very clearly so that we knew exactly what he was going to do. He dealt with the clogged drain and told us what the next steps we would need to take in the future to prevent this from happening again. Calvin was extremely professional and that was greatly appreciated especially since this all took place on NYE.

MB, Toronto Jan 3, 2017

Claire was a great service person! She was pleasant, clear about her plans, efficient and hard working. She was conscientious about cleanliness and tidiness. All in all, very professional!

Maureen Dec 14, 2016

I had a water heater fail to produce a good stream of hot water. Mike from Hoerner came to the rescue, arriving on time and staying until the work was tested and completed. Mike did some additional work that I wanted done: snaking a shower that had started to back up. This additional work was done cheerfully and well. Mike also provided a superior solution to the water heater problem and did high quality work in obtaining this excellent design solution. I will call on Hoerner with no hesitation the next time I need any sort of plumbing related work done.


Hi Tracey. I thought you might like this very good photo of the faucet your guys installed in my kitchen.

Julia from Toronto

Thank you for your great service March 26 by Alex a good man.


Hoerner relocated a hot water radiator. They spent the most time of any of the companies we talked to evaluating the job and responded quickly with a detailed and competitive quote. They showed up on time and even corrected several other issues with the boiler while they were there. I was concerned that there would be significant damage as the pipes had to go through joists and brick walls. The finished work was of exceptional quality. Hoerner’s will definitely be our choice for our heating and plumbing needs going forward….they are most professional.


We had a new toilet installed yesterday and, as usual, the technician was very polite, professional and worked quickly and efficiently. I also like the added touch – they put covers over their shoes so as not to track dirt/snow into the house


You and your assistant Brad fixed our bathroom faucets this week. I wanted to thank you for the very high quality, and more importantly, very fair job you did for us. I appreciate very much the extra effort you put in to find the right diverter for us and in so doing provided us with a fix to our problem for a very reasonable cost. Rather than just taking the more expensive option, you put in the special effort to find the part. I don’t know how many other plumbers would have done the right thing like you did


The service I received from Hoerner’s Plumbing (March 2009) was excellent from start to finish. An appointment was made by a very helpful person to accommodate my busy day.The service person arrived on time and was professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Everything got done that day, even when an extra trip was required to get additional parts. I would recommend Hoerner’s to anyone looking for a reliable company that aim to please and provide excellent customer service. Sincerely


A water pipe in my kitchen burst last January. In order to avoid the same problem happening again next winter I was told that the water pipes had to be rerouted away from the uninsulated outer walls of my house. Mike, an excellent plumber from Hoerner came and carefully explained the whole required process to me and gave me better, more money saving advice than a previous plumber from a different firm. I found Mike to be a skilled and personable gentleman who really likes his work and speaks well of the company he works for! This is something rare these days, a guy who enjoys and takes pride in his work! And the praise doesn’t stop there…Tracey who manages things at their head office stayed in touch and answered my million questions patiently and even checked in with owner Andrew when I needed a bit more plumbing advice….he even came by as well just to put my concerns about a separate issue to rest…and finally, Mike’s colleague/assistant, Calvin, deserves an honourable mention as well…he too was a competent professional! So there you have it: FIVE STARS for Hoerner Heating & Plumbing!! I will definitely recommend them to friends and call them again (although I hope I won’t need to for a very long time! ;>). Thank you!!!


I was very pleased with how quickly I was contacted to set up an appointment for them to come and repair a leaky pipe


These guys present themselves in a pro. manner. They are prompt and identify the problem.They fix it with out tearing the house apart. They clean up their mess and are very likeable guys to do business with


These guys have an awesome business model that others could learn from — polite, professional, customer-centred. A technician was sent the day after I called, showed up on time, gave a detailed explanation of the issues and a quote within the first few minutes. After signing off on the work to be done, he was finished within 1/2 an hour. (Sure beats the three weeks I wasted trying to get another company to deal with the issue!)

Anonymous Nov 24, 2016

I am impressed by the dedication of all your team members . I didn’t realize that Andrew is actually the owner. thank you so much for actually caring about your customers and your efforts, past and ongoing, to solve the mystery.

Anonymous Nov 17, 2016

I have owned a 4 plex for the past 36 years…needless to say I have used more service people than I can count. I must say that your company has earned my trust and respect over all others hands down! Mike and Mike were great today….I love to see on the job training in progress! Your internet /email communications are fantastic and ensure me that you are looking out for your customers and that you really CARE! Mike was able to figure out the problems with my boiler in less time than it took someone who had been in the business for 30 years! Way to go Mike! Looking forward to building a long relationship with your company…..excellent job.

Mike Nov 2, 2016

As far as home ownership goes, surprise emergencies are never fun to deal with! Finding expert contractors to help you get through such situations certainly mitigates the frustration. I woke up one morning to no hot water in my home. I thought I addressed the problem on my own, but the following day discovered the situation was worse than I thought. The hot water tank had to be replaced. Since I have tenants, the problem had to be addressed right away. I called a number of HVAC companies for assistance, secretly hoping someone from Hoerner was available to stop by given the companies reviews. I called and members of their team were booked for the day; 15 minutes after getting off the phone with a Hoerner representative, someone from the company called back and said they could fit me as another party had to reschedule. Within minutes of that phone call, Mike C. was at my doorstep. He assessed the situation and we agreed the tank needed to be replaced. I was worried it would take days before a new tank could be installed! Mike made a few phone calls and subsequent to his last conversation shared that a tank could be dropped off within an hour and the installation could happen same day! I was impressed by Mike’s expertise, as well as his dedication to getting the job done. I was able to step away to complete business calls, and when I returned to the basement saw that the old tank had been removed (already whisked away by members of his team) and the new one in place. Mike was friendly, articulated what was happening with true finesse, and made the whole ordeal feel quick and painless. He represented Hoerner well! Full endorsements and recommendations from me, and I will be using Mike C. and the Hoerner team again!

Jason in Toronto Oct 13, 2016

just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the quality of the work and great customer service provided by your crew during the repair of our sewer liine.

the work was hard and the guys did a great job at keeping us informed of the progress made. I would recommend Hoerner any day for all plumbing work (and gosh, we have had our share of issues !!!)..

Please convey my appreciation to the crew.

Jean-Gilles August 22, 2016

This company is top notch! They are absolutely customer service oriented. So rare to see these days. They made every effort to accommodate my very busy schedule. The technician sent to take care of my issue was also professional and experienced. They will be the first number that I call for any future issues.

DM June 14, 2016

We are really impressed with the technician you sent and will definitely use your company with any further issues.

ST July 2, 2015

Hi Tracey, Thank you for looking after this in a very professional manner. I enjoyed speaking with Andrew, apart from the issue on Tuesday everything was handled well include the guys working on site and I will gladly recommend your company to any of our contacts. Thank you

CC July 2 2015

I think excellence deserves to be rewarded, and I will recommend you without hesitation.