March break Vacation Travellers/Homeowners. Some homeowners experienced extended power outages last year due to extreme weather conditions …Possibly a new Normal. For this reason Hoerner Heating & Plumbing wanted to do up an article. You may want to consider these steps.

 Hot Water Heating (Radiators), Plumbing  & Drains. Here are 8 Suggestions for Winterizing your Home this March Break.

You may want to consider as a home owner as a preventative measure these steps for reducing liabilities in the home while you are on vacation

1-Proper insulation

Proper insulation in the home and ensuring maintenance is maintained regularly for working components of your home at all times.

2-Main Water Shut Off

 Turn off main water shut off (located close to the water meter) in the house and the drain plumbing water lines in house (check instructions on how to do this).

3-Drain Hot Water Heating System (hire professional)

Draining down hot water heating system (which uses radiators) if travelling for extended period of time.  If you decide to do this we strongly recommend this is done by a Professional because this process may affect other components of the home I.E. Electric Hot Water Tank (Getting a profession heating technician to do so could help you avoid cracked radiators and explosive water damage).

holiday drain clogDuring the holiday season, most of us give up the old diet for a few weeks and indulge in artery-clogging meals, such as butter-basted turkey dinners to hams, bacon and roasts, and more. However, just as FOGs (fats, oils and grease) clog up our arteries, so can they clog up our homes' plumbing systems when harried cooks allow them to enter the drains.  Add to it food scraps, and you may well end up with a stubborn clog that requires professional plumbing help.


Here at Hoerner, the holidays are our busiest times, as plumbing systems are under more strain than usual, and clogged drains are the most common reason why we are called out. People tend to use too little water to flush their garbage disposal units, and then FOGs are added to the mix, causing a messy sludge.



tips for protecting home winter

As winter wraps its chilly fingers around our homes, many homeowners are becoming concerned about protecting their homes. After all, who wouldn’t remember winter 2013 - the worst winter in 100 years. Many homeowners were victims of massive-scale power outages, which led to home fires as people used candles. The freeze and power outages during winter storms also resulted in many burst pipes. Water damage and heating issues ended up costing Toronto residents a small fortune.



Hoerner Heating & Plumbing decided to provide you with some great pointers to keep your home protected this winter.

boiler toronto

Tips that may Help Protect your Hot Water Heating Systems and Plumbing Water Lines...

March break Vacation Travellers/Homeowners - Hot Water Heating (Radiators), Plumbing & Drains Preventative Maintenance

Attention all march break vacation travellers/homeowners! Some homeowners have experienced extended power outages this year and extreme weather conditions …Possibly a new Normal. You may want to consider these steps that may assist in preventing water pipes from freezing and other heating and plumbing component failures. 

Radiator Toronto - Bleeding Radiators

Radiator TorontoDefinition- letting the air out of the radiators, and filling it completely with water.

We recommend call an experienced heating technician professional to assist you with all your heating needs. Call Hoerner Heating & Plumbing 416-463-2573 

Tools: Radiator valve Key, Flat head screw driver, Pliers, Rags

Hydronic Heating systems are a closed system. Throughout the heating season the air in the water will separate and will find a place to build especially on the top floor.

If the air is not removed the radiators will not work properly or not at all.  To remove the air you will have to “Bleed” the radiators.


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Testimonial Julia from TorontoHi Tracey. I thought you might like this very good photo of the faucet your guys installed in my kitchen.

Julia from Toronto


Testimonial Julia from TorontoHi Tracey. I thought you might like this very good photo of the faucet your guys installed in my kitchen.

Julia from Toronto

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