Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

The City of Toronto has issued a cold weather alert.

tips to prevent frozen pipesAs the temperature drops please review these tips and make sure your home is winter ready to prevent frozen and split pipes.

•Ensure areas that contain indoor water pipes are kept above 8ºC, especially near the water meter.
•Best to keep your heat up during cold alerts to avoid pipes freezing.
•Maintain your boiler. Have Hoerner clean your boiler yearly.
•Open doors in rooms with no heat to help warm air from other rooms to circulate.
•Open kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.
•Reroute and / or insulate exposed pipes on the exterior walls, and in attics and crawl-spaces with heating tape. Hoerner can help you with this.
•If leaving home in cold weather alerts, Call Hoerner to drain down your system to avoid any burst pipes.

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